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Well g'day boy and girls.  All our order are processed via paypal ; which you can use even if you
don't have a paypal account ( or feel like making one... ). Neat, right? And if you're not into
paying with credit cards - you can also pay from your paypal balance or ( if you've set it up )
directly from your bank account.
How long does it take to process orders ?          Orders will be processed the following business day.
What if my item gets broken during shipping ?   We both go and raise hell at Canada Post.
What if I change my mind and I don't want it ?  Fire! Or donate. Donating is good.
How do I know my stuff has been sent ?            We will send you an e-mail confirmation.
Do shipping days include weekends ?                  You're crazy.
Can I track my order ?                                         For rush orders, yes. Standard mail, no.
I have more questions !                                       WELL. questions@ofstorms.com is the place for you!
                                                    S H I P P I N G

For all orders outside of North America ( this means :  Australia, Europe, South America,
Africa, Asia... )
please select the "everywhere else" option at the bottom of the shipping
options. Standard shipping is $9.00 CAD ; please e-mail
sales@ofstorms.com if you would
like to process a RUSH ORDER for your country.

Standard mail is 5 - 6 days in North America ; and up to 4 weeks depending on your location.
Rush orders arrive in 2 - 3 days and come with tracking.

O F  S T O R M S
C   R   E   A   T   I   V   E      S    T   U   D   I   O   S